Crafting a Future-Ready Workspace: MDBuilders Honored with Sacramento Business Journal’s “Best Real Estate Project of the Year Award” in the Tenant Improvement Category.

Colliers’ Sacramento office tenant improvement, constructed by MDBuilders, received the Best Tenant Improvement of 2023 from the Sacramento Business Journal. Completed in May 2023, the $1.2 million project brings a pre-COVID workspace into the future.

Our project team brought Colliers’ vision to life; the mission was clear: reduce space by 25%, minimize construction costs, ensure environmental sustainability, and improve efficiency for their staff. Discussions with Colliers and VITAE Architecture Planning Interiors (VITAE) guided our strategies to achieve these objectives.

By analyzing the existing space, the team optimized functionality without compromising comfort. Through innovative spatial planning, construction of versatile spaces, and updated infrastructure to accommodate multiple needs, the team met the reduction target and created an environment that maximized efficiency and fostered collaboration.

The collaborative efforts of the project team were instrumental in achieving success. Preconstruction estimates helped Colliers make quick decisions on where to invest their dollars to maximize the benefit. Milestone estimate updates ensured a cost expectation to meet the investment value. Our team supported strategies, selecting materials and construction methods that maintained quality, keeping the cost around $67 per square foot. Despite supply chain challenges, we delivered a high-performance workspace within budget, emphasizing efficiency and financial prudence.

Colliers’ commitment to environmental sustainability guided our construction strategy. Collaborating with VITAE, we prioritized eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable workspace.

Exceeding expectations for inspiring the Colliers community led us to strategically build collaborative spaces catering to the diverse needs and expectations of brokers and employees. A physical-digital hybrid setting ensured a seamless experience for in-person and remote participants, promoting inclusivity and adaptability.

The project’s success lies in creating alternative workspaces that go beyond mere functionality but increase workplace efficiency. In collaboration with VITAE, our team conceptualized and executed spaces encouraging a return to work, fostering collaboration, and providing enhanced functional alternatives. Sound-proof “hoteling” rooms, open soft seating workspaces, and dedicated meeting areas cater to various work styles, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

The attention to quality and detail extended to every square foot of the workspace. By optimizing the layout and incorporating Teams-enabled AV systems, we ensured the efficient use of space for both individual tasks and collaborative endeavors. The construction of a community table and hospitality bar further enhanced the overall experience, creating a holistic environment that not only met but exceeded the expectations set by Colliers.

Our commitment to meeting Colliers’ goals was unwavering. We transformed the workspace into a dynamic, efficient, and inspiring environment through innovative spatial planning and cost-effective construction. This project is a testament to our dedication to Colliers’ success and our ability to craft future-ready workspaces seamlessly integrating functionality, efficiency, and sustainability.

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